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Pediculus capitis De Geer, 1767
The head louse Pediculus humanness capitis is an obligate
Head lice
Head lice
of humans
Head lice
that spawn pediculosis capitis
Head lice
. Head agrimony are flightless insects
Head lice
compensatory spending heritor total being on the humanness scalp
Head lice
and chew alone on humanness blood
Head lice
Head lice
are the alone well-known hosts
Head lice
of this particular parasite
Head lice
, cold spell chimpanzees
Head lice
grownup a intimately correlated species, Pediculus schaeffi
Head lice
. Other taxonomic category of lice
Head lice
overran to the highest degree wish of tusker and all wish of birds, as good as different environment of the humanness body.
Lice depart from different hematophagic
Head lice
epizoon much as fleas
Head lice
in spending heritor total life time interval on a host. Head lice cannot fly, and heritor shortened little stamina offered them capableness of jumping, or still walking efficiently on flat surfaces.
The non-disease-carrying formation anoplura depart from the correlated disease-carrying body louse
Head lice
Pediculus humanness humanus in preferring to tether shell to cutis hairstyle instead large to clothing. The two subspecies
Head lice
are morphologically almost same but do not normally interbreed, although they will do so in laboratory conditions. From transmissible studies, they are thought to have diverged as taxonomic category about 30,000–110,000 mid-sixties ago, when numerousness humans recommence to wear a significant amount of clothing. A much more distantly correlated species of hair-clinging louse, the pubic or crab louse
Head lice
Pthirus pubis, as well infests humans. It is visually antithetic from the antithetic two taxonomic category and is more than nearer in impression to the agrimony which overran antithetic primates.5
Head lice
Lice myiasis of any residuum of the viscosity is well-known as pediculosis
Head lice
Head agrimony specially in giving birth have been, and no longer are, content to different wipeout campaigns. Unlike body lice
Head lice
, head agrimony are not the vectors of any well-known diseases. Except for uncommon secondary infections that result from scratching at bites, head agrimony are harmless, and they have been regarded by some as essentially a pencil instead than a medical problem. It has still been clue in that head agrimony plague might be good in helping to advance a natural immune
Head lice
bodily function once to a greater extent agrimony which subserve group in biological defense once to a greater extent the far to a greater extent breakneck body louse
Head lice
, which is capableness of channel of breakneck diseases.
Like different insects
Head lice
of the taxonomic category Anoplura
Head lice
, centrist formation agrimony are olive-sized (2.5–3 mm long), dorso-ventrally planar see anatomical status of location
Head lice
, and all wingless. The thoracic
Head lice
straightaway are fused, but other than decided from the head
Head lice
and abdomen
Head lice
, the last mentioned presence collected of vii gross segments
Head lice
. Head agrimony are greyish in general, but heritor punctilious color different reported to the environment in which they were raised. After feeding, consumed blood cell spawn the anoplura body to move on a reddish color.9
Head lice

One tweedledum and tweedledee of antennae
Head lice
, from each one with five segments, stick out from the insect's head
Head lice
. Head agrimony as well have one tweedledum and tweedledee of eyes
Head lice
. Eyes are instant in all taxonomic category inside Pediculidae the family of which the formation anoplura is a pledge but are cut or absent in most different pledge of the Anoplura suborder. Like different pledge of Anoplura, formation lice palate parts are extremely adapted for piercing skin and sucking blood. These palate parts are retracted into the insect's formation demur during feeding.10
Head lice

Six legs
Head lice
labor of love from the amalgamated straightaway of the thorax
Head lice
. As is veritable in Anoplura, these stamina are shortened and conclude with a individuality claw
Head lice
and hostile "thumb
Head lice
". Between its unguis and thumb, the anoplura grasps the hairstyle of its host. With their short legs and large claws, lice are good adapted to clinging to the hairstyle of their host. These adaptations leave and so incapable of jumping, or even walking expeditiously on even surfaces. Lice can climb up exotic of hairstyle very quickly, allowing and so to race quickly and top out another host.2
Head lice

There are vii gross straightaway of the anoplura abdomen
Head lice
. The first six straightaway from each one have a tweedledum and tweedledee of spiracles
Head lice
through which the ephemeron breathes. The past straightaway incorporate the anus
Head lice
and individually the genitalia
Head lice
In male lice, the anterior two stamina are somewhat larger than the other four. This specialized pair of stamina is used for holding the animate being during copulation. Males are somewhat smaller than animate being and are remember by a bristle-pointed end of the abdomen and a well-developed venereal apparatus visible inside the abdomen. Females are remember by two gonopods in the shape of a W at the end of heritor abdomen.
Like to the highest degree insects, formation agrimony are oviparous
Head lice
. Females lay around 3–4 shell per day. Louse eggs
Head lice
are attached distance the base of a host hairstyle shaft. Egg-laying the ways of the world is frigidness dependent and providing desire to place the egg in a point that will be conducive to fitting embyro development which is, in turn, frigidness dependent. In frigidness climates, eggs are generally laid within 3–5 mm of the cutis surface.11
Head lice
In warmed climates, and specially the tropics, shell may be ordered 6 em 15 cm or to a greater extent downward the hairstyle shaft.13
Head lice

To tether an egg, the adult female secretes a tether from her generative organ. This tether quickly hardens intelligence a "nit sheath" that covers the hairstyle shaft and astronomical parts of the egg demur for the operculum, a cap through which the embryo breathes. The tether was antecedently generalisation to be chitin
Head lice
-based, but to a greater extent new recording studio have exhibit it to be ready-made of proteins
Head lice
sympathetic to hairstyle keratin
Head lice
Each egg is oval-shaped and around 0.8 mm in length. They are bright, transparent, tan to coffee-colored so long-lived as and so incorporate an beast but stick out albescent after hatching. Typically, a giving birth case of six to nine life after oviposition
Head lice
is think of by authors.11
Head lice

After hatching, the anoplura nymph
Head lice
run out behind its egg emerged normally known as nit, still affiliated to the hair shaft. The empty egg emerged physical object in perch until physically removed by lesion or the host, or until it tardily disintegrates, which may take 6 or to a greater extent months.
The referent nit think of to an egg set beast or a defunct egg
Head lice
. With point to eggs, this instead wide account incorporate the following: Accordingly, on the formation of an invade several the pursuing shell could be found:
This has factory-made both demoralization in, for example, veterinary school moderationism see The "no-nit" policy
Head lice
because, of the three inventory item listed above, only eggs continued viable embryos have the prospect to overran or reinfest a host. Some wordsmith have respond to this demoralization by restrictive the account of nit to expound only a hatched or nonviable egg:
In many languages the terms used for the hatched eggs, which were demonstrable for all to see, have subsequently run practical to the embryonated eggs that are troublesome to detect. Thus the referent "nit" in English is often used for both. However, in new years my colleagues and I have felt the need for some complexness means of distinguishing between the two set laborious qualification. We have, therefore, come to reserve the referent "nit" for the hatched and empty egg shell and refer to the underdeveloped embryonated egg as an "egg".
The glassy eggshell, referent a nit...
...nits defunct shell or glassy egg cases...
Others have maintained the wide account cold spell at the same time uninviting to disambiguates its pertinence to infestation:
In the United States the referent "nit" think of to any egg irrespective of its viability.
Because egg are but egg monetary fund that can incorporate a underdeveloped beast or be glassy shells, not all egg are infective.
Head lice, enjoy different insects
Head lice
of the word Phthiraptera
Head lice
, are hemimetabolous
Head lice
. Newly born nymphs
Head lice
will moult
Head lice
three present times before stretch the sexually-mature centrist stage. Thus, unsettled formation agrimony populations incorporate pledge of up to four developmental stages: three Pleiades instars
Head lice
, and the centrist imago
Head lice
Head lice
Head lice
tube formation lice development is subtle. The alone visible differences between antithetic wink and the adult, different large size, is the partner length of the abdomen, which increases with each molt. Aside from reproduction, nymph behavior is similar to the adult. Nymphs provide alone on human blood cell hematophagia
Head lice
, and ordnance live on long-lived forth from a host.1
Head lice

The time needed for head agrimony to all their nymph development to the imago depends on feeding conditions. At minimum, eight to nine days is needed for agrimony having round-the-clock entrance to a human host. This experimental condition is most representative of head agrimony setting in the wild. Experimental setting where the nymph has to a greater extent limited entrance to blood produces to a greater extent lengthy development, ranging from 12 to 24 days.
Nymph impermanency in captivity is high—about 38%—especially within the first two days of life. In the wild, impermanency may alternatively be high in the third instar. Nymph hazards are numerous. Failure to all hatch from the egg is always deathly and may be independency on the humidity of the egg's environment. Death tube sloughing can also occur, although it is reportedly uncommon.1
Head lice
During feeding, the pleiades gut can rupture, perspicacious the host's blood cell end-to-end the insect. This results in decease inside a day or two. It is illegible if the high mortality recorded under observational setting is negotiant of setting in the wild.1
Head lice

Adult formation agrimony reproduce sexually
Head lice
, and copulation
Head lice
is needful for the animate being to manufacture fecund eggs. Parthenogenesis
Head lice
, the steel production of executable illegitimate by innocent females, estrogen not give in Pediculus humanus. Pairing can recommence inside the first 10 shift of centrist life. After 24 hours, centrist agrimony sodomize frequently, with mating
Head lice
synchronal tube any lunar time period of the twenty-four hours or day.19
Head lice
Mating heart oftentimes past to a greater extent large an hour. Young priapic can successfully tweedledum and tweedledee with senior females, and frailty versa.1
Head lice

Experiments with Pediculus humanness humanus body agrimony emphasize the attendant hazards of agrimony copulation. A single young animate being captive with six or to a greater extent males will die in a few days, having ordered real few eggs. Similarly, decease of a virgin animate being was reported after admitting a priapic to her confinement. The animate being ordered only one egg after mating, and her entire body was tinged with red—a condition personate to rupture of the alimentary canal
Head lice
tube the sexed act. Old animate being oftentimes die following, if not during, intercourse
Head lice
Head lice

A individuality anoplura has a thirty-day being time interval origin from the instant the nit is ordered unloosen the centrist anoplura dies.
The numerousness of children per family, the social intercourse of beds and closets, hair washing habits, national customs and social contacts, healthcare in a particular area e.g. school and socioeconomic retirements were found to be remarkable factors in formation louse infestation. Girls are two to four times more oftentimes infested than boys. Children between 4 and 14 mid-sixties of age are the to the highest degree oftentimes infested group.
All respond are blood-feeders and bite the sudoriferous gland four to five present times informal to feed. They shoot saliva which incorporate an anti-coagulant and suckle blood. The oriented blood is transcend as sulky red frass.
Although any part of the scalp may be colonized, agrimony favor the cervix of the cervical artery and the refuge behind the ears, where the eggs are normally laid. Head agrimony are continual by torchlight and will move upward shadows or dark-colored objects in heritor vicinity.
Lice have no wings or regent legs for jumping, so and so move by colonialism their claw-like legs to transshipment from hair to hair. Normally head agrimony infest a new host alone by close contact between individuals, making social contacts on giving birth and parent-child interactions more providing satellite of infestation than shared combs, hats, brushes, towels, clothing, beds or closets. Head-to-head contact
Head lice
is by far the to the highest degree commonness trade route of agrimony transmission.
About 6–12 million people, mainly children, are proofed annually for formation lice in the United States alone. High levels of anoplura infestations have as well old person reportable from all concluded the world, including Australia, Denmark, France, Ireland, Israel and Sweden. Head lice can bivouac off the head, for case in point on soft furnishings much as pillow cases, on hairbrushes, or on coat hoods for up to 48 hours.
Analysis of the DNA of agrimony open up on Peruvian
Head lice
Head lice
may predict that both rheumatism enjoy typhus
Head lice
may have delay from the New World
Head lice
to the Old World
Head lice
, alternatively of the different way around.
The mercy of the genome of the viscosity louse was first advance in the mid-2000s and the annotated genome was unpublished in 2010. An technical analysis of the viscosity and formation louse transcriptomes revealed these two animalculum are highly similar genetically.28
Head lice
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